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The NCCD, formed in 1943 under the Conservation District Law, is a subdivision of state government and is one of 66 Conservation Districts throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Conservation District is to promote protection, maintenance, improvement, and wise use of the land, water, and other natural resources.

About NCCD

The Northumberland County Conservation District (NCCD) was created in 1943 under the Conservation District law. We are a subdivision of state government and our purpose is to promote the protection, maintenance, improvement, and wise us of the land, water, and other natural resources. We serve as a local link for local county residents to state and federal government.

There are 66 conservation districts in the state of Pennsylvania, and over 3,000 across the nation. Conservation Districts were formed in response to the dust bowl of the 1930's, which was the worst drought ever is U.S. history, covering more than 75% of the country. In May of 1936, the Soil Conservation Service published a soil conservation district law. Conservation Districts are one of the few grassroots organizations set up by the "New Deal" still in operation. The program recognized that new farming methods needed to be accepted and enforced by the farmers on the land rather than politicians in Washington.

Board of Directors:

The NCCD Board of Directors is selected by a group of nominating organizations and the Northumberland County Commissioners. The Directors comprise of 4 farmers, 2 public citizens and 1 county commissioner. We also have associate directors, which can be an unlimited amount.

Michael Hubler: Chairman, Public
Leon Wertz: Vice-Chairman, Farmer
Richard Shoch: Commissioner
Gary Truckenmiller: Farmer
John Kopp: Farmer
Natalie Wertman: Public
Richard Daniels: Farmer
Dave Swank: Associate
Blair Carbaugh: Associate
Albert Mabus: Associate
John Pfleegor: Associate
Ted Carodiskey: Associate
Michael Erdley: Associate
Lynn Wilson: Associate
Dave Crowl: Associate


Judy Becker: District Manager, AgLand Preservation
Shirley Snyder: Administrative Assistant
Ryan Cherwinski: Agricultural Conservation Technician
Chantel Shambach: Watershed Specialist
Michael McCleary: Erosion & Sediment Technician, Dirt & Gravel Roads
Brandon Ball: Mosquito-borne Disease Control Coordinator
Tyler Craig: Mosquito-borne Disease Control Technician
Tyler Mull: Mosquito-borne Disease Control Technician