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The NCCD, formed in 1943 under the Conservation District Law, is a subdivision of state government and is one of 66 Conservation Districts throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Conservation District is to promote protection, maintenance, improvement, and wise use of the land, water, and other natural resources.

Get Involved with NCCD

Are you familiar with the NCCD? With all the questions we get asked on a daily basis, the one we get the most is, "What do you do?"

The NCCD has been in existence since 1943. The history of conservation districts is rooted in serving the agriculture community. In fact, conservation districts were born to help alleviate the soil erosion crisis of the Dust Bowl era. Today, conservation districts have grown to serve a much greater variety of issues. Not only do we serve the agriculture community, but we also work with contractors, municipalities, watershed organizations, and YOU! We can't do this, though, without your support. In addition to the satisfaction of joining a team that has worked to conserve the natural resources of Northumberland County for over 60 years, you can be proud of the fact that your contribution is going towards this very cause.

We have a great number of opportunities available for you to get involved with our organization:

  1. Become an affiliate member of the Conservation District. Members will receive a membership certificate and have their name published in our publications, as well as on our website: www.nccdpa.org. We will always encourage individuals to patronize your business because of your support to Conservation. Members will also receive a 5% discount on orders placed in the Conservation District's annual spring tree sale and ad space in our quarterly newsletter (depending on level of membership). Click here to find out how to become a member today!  Click here to see a list of our 2018 affiliate members.  
  2. Become a director or associate director of the NCCD Board. Our board is made up of a variety of individuals from Northumberland County who have one common goal: their love of conservation.
  3. Volunteer. We have a variety of activities throughout the year and we're always looking for assistance with our programs.

Contact our office today at 570-495-4665 or jbecker@nccdpa.org and find out how you can get more involved with NCCD. We look forward to hearing from you!