Spring 2020 Newsletter / 2019 Annual Report

May 4, 2020 | Annual Reports, News, Newsletters

Conservation Matters

A New Normal…

I think it would only be appropriate to address the current situation considering this new normal we are currently experiencing due to the health crisis and COVID-19.

At the time that I am writing this, our office is currently closed to the public. We are coming into the office once a week to collect mail and voice mail messages. The majority of our office is working remotely, but they can still be reached via email. If you have trouble reaching anyone, please reach out to me at jbecker@nccdpa.org.

A number of events have been canceled such as the Envirothon and our annual tree sale. We understand many are disappointed, but we feel the most important thing right now is keeping our employees and members of the public safe.

As we forge ahead through this “new normal,” we will continue to focus on conservation issues in Northumberland County within the bounds that we must now work in. In the meantime, I wish you and yours good health, and please keep safe.

We will see you again soon.

Judy Becker

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02 – Rain Barrel Workshop
03 – Affiliate Members
04 – Conventional Development Issues
05 – Vector Species Focus
06 – Warrior Run Breakfast
07 – Spotted Lanternfly Update
12 – 2019 Annual Report

02 – KIZ Enterprises LLC
09 –  KW Enterprises LLC
11 – Trumbull
20 – Hoffman Brothers Lumber Inc.

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