Farmland Preservation

Important fact: Between 1982 and 2012, the United States developed more than 31 million acres of agricultural land – an area equivalent to developing most of Iowa.

Program Overview

The Northumberland County Agricultural Land Preservation Program purchases agricultural easements on productive farms in Northumberland County.  When the easement is sold, the owner keeps the land but no longer has the right to build non-agricultural buildings.  The land must remain in farming in perpetuity.  The farmer may sell the land, but the new owner must continue to follow the requirements of the agricultural easement.

Program Status

As of July 2018, there are 22 farms preserved in Northumberland County under the farmland preservation program.  These farms total 2,419.51 acres.  We also have a waiting list of 56 farms totaling 6,525.04 acres waiting to be preserved.


Funding for the program comes from both the county and the state. The Northumberland County Commissioners may allocate money each year to preserve farms in Northumberland County. The remainder of the funding comes from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through cigarette taxes, the Environmental Stewardship Fund, and other sources.

Ready to Apply?

Are you ready to apply to this completely voluntary program?

Board of Directors

Bill Geise

Chairman, Farmer

Rich Daniels

Vice-Chairman, Farmer

Mary Crone

Secretary/Treasurer, Farmer

Donald Ferster


Benny Snyder

Township Supervisor

Tom Boop

At-Large Member

Dave Becker

At-Large Member

Judy Becker

Program Administrator


Contact our office today at 570-495-4665 x 305 or and find out how you can get more involved with NCCD. We look forward to hearing from you!