DEP’s “Guidelines for Maintaining Streams in Your Community”

Jan 1, 2018 | Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) understands that severe damage and disruption that flooding can cause to residents, businesses and municipal governments, and the importance of prevention when possible, and rapid recovery when necessary. DEP strives to assist Pennsylvania communities by ensuring that stream work is done in an environmentally responsible manner, and in a way that reduces the likelihood of future problems.

This booklet is a simple guide to understanding what DEP requires of those who want to work in or adjacent to streams. Stream work that is not properly designed and permitted can cause conditions to worsen in the next flood event, also impacting downstream neighbors.

Whether you are a municipal official well versed in regulations or a resident experiencing flooding for the first time, this will help you figure out your next steps. When in doubt the first step should always be to contact your regional DEP Office. DEP staff are ready and willing to assist in several ways.

To continue reading please download the PDF.


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