Spring 2017 Newsletter, Vol 3, Issue 2

Mar 20, 2017 | Newsletters

Conservation Matters

Spring Arrival…

Spring is officially here! Now that the snow is almost melted away, it’s time to start thinking about spring projects.

Our spring is always busy. We have our annual tree sale, the High School and Middle School Envirothons, and the start of our streambank restoration projects. We will also be administering a new 5-county mosquito control program. You can find more information about it in this issue.

We have also included our annual report in this edition. Please take the time to review the work completed in Northumberland County during 2016. You will see it was a busy year, and we expect 2017 to be even busier.

I mentioned in the last issue that spring was just around the corner. It’s here! Smell the flowers, and enjoy these warmer months. We hope to see you out and about.

Judy Becker

Inside this issue

02 – Mosquito Control Program
02 – Conservation Farmer of the Year
03 – CSVT Update
05 – Musings and Random Thoughts
05 – MMP Workshops
06 – Myths and Misconceptions
07 – Winter Forum
08 – Recordkeeping
09 – Annual Report

05 – KW Enterprises LLC
07 – Hoffman Brothers

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