Spring 2018 Newsletter, Vol 4, Issue 2

Aug 1, 2018 | Newsletters

Conservation Matters

Winter Plans; Spring Moves…

After what seemed like a very long winter, spring is finally here. The weather may be questionable, but soon enough we will be enjoying the festive display spring puts on every year.

We spend a lot of time during the winter months planning our Spring, Summer, and Fall. Once April hits, we start moving on those plans. We have a number of agriculture; streambank restoration; and dirt, gravel and low volume road projects taking place throughout the county.

I have also included the District’s annual report in this edition. Please take the time to review the work completed in Northumberland County during 2017. You will see it was a busy and exciting year for us!

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the upcoming spring months. You may see us out and about. Enjoy the outdoors, and stay safe!

Judy Becker

Inside this issue

02 – Upcoming Events
02 – New Agricultural Conservation Tech
02 – The Atlantic Sunrise Transmission Line
03 – Kids and Trout
04 – Odor Management Regulations
04 – Cover Crop Incentive Program
06 – CSVT Update
07 – Join EARTH TEAM
08 – Dig a Little, Learn a Lot (Part 3)
09 – Annual Report

03 – KIZ Resources, LLC
04 – KW Enterprises LLC
05 – Trumbull
06 – PPL Electric Activities
07 – Hoffman Brothers Lumber Inc

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