Spring 2019 Newsletter, Vol 5, Issue 2

Apr 23, 2019 | News, Newsletters

Conservation Matters

Spring Thaw…

Spring is always an exciting time of year. The temperatures start to warm and flowers bloom. The dreariness of winter fades and going outdoors is much more enjoyable.

In this edition of our newsletter, you will find our annual report for 2018. Please take the time to review the work completed in Northumberland County during 2018. You will see it was a busy year for us!

You may see our technicians out and about in the coming months as they work on field projects and start mosquito surveillance. We look forward to seeing you out and about in the warmer weather as you start your outdoor spring projects! Enjoy the warmer days.

Until Summer,
Judy Becker

Inside this issue

01 – Spring Tree Sale Pickups
02 – Sunbury Hill Neighborhood Plant Swap
03 – Affiliate Members
04 – NWQI Warrior Run Assessment
05 – Annual Report

07 – Trumbull
08 – Hoffman Brothers Lumber Inc.
15 – KW Enterprises LLC
17 – KIZ Resources LLC

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