Summer 2018 Newsletter, Vol 4, Issue 3

Aug 1, 2018 | Newsletters

Conservation Matters

Summer Breeze…

Summer is always a fun time of year. Vacations, warmer weather, longer days; it’s as if we spend the whole year preparing for this particular season. Don’t blink, because before you know it Fall will be here!

This summer will be a time of change in our office. We will be starting Chesapeake Bay inspections on July 1st. We also have a few personnel changes in our office, which are covered later in this issue. Regardless of these changes, one thing that doesn’t change is our mission: to promote the protection, maintenance, improvement, and wise use of the land, water, and other natural resources in Northumberland County.

As you enjoy the summer months, we hope you’ll take some time to appreciate the natural resources in your surroundings. See you in the Fall!

Judy Becker

Inside this issue

02 – New Watershed Specialist
02 – Board Member Profile: John Kopp
03 – Chesapeake Bay Inspections
04 – CSVT Update
06 – 2018 Summer Intern: Tyler Craig
07 – Dig a Little, Learn a Lot (Part 4)
08 – Mosquito Control Program Update
10 – Poison Hemlock Overview
11 – 2018 Donors
12 – Spotted Latternfly Info
14 – Local Workgroup Meeting
15 – Mow High and Let It Lie!

03 – Trumbull
07 – KW Enterprises LLC

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