District Informational Brochure

Jan 1, 2010 | Information

Promoting Wise Use of Natural Resources Since 1943

Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my country – its air, its soil and minerals, its forests, waters and wildlife.

Community Outreach

Annual Tree Sales: The NCCD conducts a sale each April as a fundraiser. A variety of trees, ornamentals, and bulbs are sold. To receive a sale brochure, contact our office and you will be included on our mailing list.

Annual Poster Contest: Students in grades K-12 from throughout the county enter posters based on a conservation theme. In 2010, the contest centered on “Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats”.

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Inside this Brochure

History of NCCD
District Structure
Erosion & Sedimentation Control Program
Dirt & Gravel Roads
Chesapeake Bay Program
Nutrient Management Program
Community Outreach
Environmental Education
Snapshots of Education Programs
Watershed Group
Agricultural Land Preservation Program
Why Preserve Farmland?
District Partners

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