Summer 2019 Newsletter, Vol 5, Issue 3

Sep 3, 2019 | News, Newsletters

Conservation Matters

Late Summer…

This newsletter is more of a late summer newsletter, but I hope it finds you enjoying the warmer months as they start to wind down.

Summers are fairly busy in our office. Our staff have multiple projects to tend to, and our mosquito staff try to keep the pesky insects to a minimum. We are also preparing for the fall months when things start to quiet down a little, and planning for next year starts all over again.

As time continues to fly by, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the rest of your summer days. The days are already getting shorter, and fall is just around the corner.

Until Fall,
Judy Becker

Inside this issue

02 – Spring Tree Sale Pickups
02 – New Faces (Interns/NRCS)
03 – Affiliate Members
04 – Warrior Run Watershed Rehab Initiative
06 – Sunbury River Front Wall Upgrades
07 – NRCS Earth Team
08 – Mosquito-borne Disease Program Update
09 – Poison Hemlock
12 – CSVT Update
14 – DEP Environmental Education Grants

02 – KW Enterprises LLC
05 – Trumbull

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