Winter 2017 Newsletter, Vol 3, Issue 1

Jan 1, 2017 | Newsletters

Conservation Matters

These Snowy Days…

Snow days. I lived for them as a kid. Watching the TV and waiting for my school district to show up as closed was my favorite part of winter. Some people love snow days; some not so much.

For us, winter means planning and meetings. Some don’t realize how much work comes before project installation. Permits need to be applied for, landowner agreements need signed, and budgets need finalized. All these things need to be in place before any shovels hit the ground.

We will also be holding a number of meetings this winter. See inside for dates of manure management workshops and our annual winter forum. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

Whether snow creates more work for you or provides a much needed break, I hope the winter months are enjoyable. If not, spring is just around the corner!

Judy Becker

Inside this issue

02 – 2017 Affiliate Drive
02 – Manure Management Workshops
03 – CSVT Update
04 – Importance of Partnerships
07 – MMP Workshop Dates
08 – UGI Gas Pipeline
09 – Scoop on Soil Health
09 – Soil Health Conference
10 – PA Farmers Survey Results
11 – 2016 Affiliate Members

08 – KW Enterprises LLC

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