Winter 2018 Newsletter, Vol 4, Issue 1

Apr 10, 2018 | Newsletters

Conservation Matters

Winter’s Chill…

Many occupations have busier times of the year than others. Spring, summer, and fall are probably our busiest seasons.

But conservation efforts should never quit. The health of our watersheds is just as important in January as it is in August. It’s important that we keep this in mind while going about our daily activities during the winter months. Simple things like cleaning up after pets or being cautious about ice mix application can make a difference.

Winter’s chill may put some events on the back burner, but the streams continue to flow. For this reason, conservation ALWAYS matters.

Enjoy the rest of your winter season.

Judy Becker

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02 – Upcoming Events
03 – New Animal Weights
03 – NCCD BOD Reorganization
04 – Progress on the CSVT
07 – Developing “Sense of Place”
07 – Native Plant Garden Course
08 – Eels and Mussels and Water Quality
10 – Dig A Little, Learn a Lot (Part 2)
11 – Our 2018 Sponsors
12 – Invasion of the Asian Tiger Mosquito
15 – Woman Farmer Awakening Meeting

03 – KW Enterprises LLC

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